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This is  a great activity to get your group thinking about the topic you are presenting. My wife and I typically break the room into small groups of three to four and have them brainstorm together. We will give them the POWER WORD of our lesson for them to brainstorm about. For the purpose of this post our power word will be WITNESSING. We will then have them think together and come up with 5 ideas of how they can witness to others. Then have them narrow to three ideas, and then eventually narrow to one idea. Have each group share out their number one idea and why they chose that idea. The purpose of the process of elimination is that it encourages participants to use critical thinking skills to first come up with a quantity of ideas and then to produce one quality idea.

BONUS: Oftentimes my wife and I will give participants of all ages some type of prop (play-doh, pipe cleaner, crayons, sidewalk chalk, etc) to create a symbol of their number one idea.




5-3-1 Actvity Sheet


This activity can be done with or without the activity sheet. This is a simple way to get your class talking about your subject and an easy tool to keep them on track. ENJOY!

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