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Calendars must EXIST

This may seem elementary but calendars must exist. I understand that circumstances throughout the year will alter your current calendar. However, you must have a starting point of a yearly calendar that will help keep you on track.

Calendars must be FLEXIBLE 

On the other extreme I have witnessed calendars that are unmovable and unshakable. You must maintain flexibility in your calendar to allow for the issues that will arise.

Calendars must be DOABLE

It is possible to overbook a calendar. Families often have both parents that are working and every child in the family is in some type of auxiliary program at school. Families are already coming to the table with a packed calendar, so we must be careful not to overload our church calendars.

Calendars must be VISIBLE 

If you are going to take the time to plan and publish a calendar it is good to have it published throughout your church campus. I would suggest publishing 2 to 3 months at a time in visible locations. This allows guests and members alike to always see what is happening.

Calendars must be PORTABLE

You want to be able to put the calendar in people’s hands. Place it in on the back page of your church bulletin, mail it to your first time guests and have it downloadable from your website.

Calendars must be UNDERSTANDABLE

Many first time guests have to overcome the “insider” language of the church. I suggest creating a legend on your calendar that clearly spells out the ministries listed on your calendar. Of course you can’t explain everything on the calendar but the legend can help make it understandable.

Calendars must be MANAGED

The calendar must be addressed in every meeting – It does require constant attention… My great friend Nate Roemer rightly stated, “If we don’t manage our calendars, our calendars will manage us!”

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