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Many of us spend a large chunk of time sitting in meetings. Just because you are in a meeting does not mean that you are being productive. Here are some tips to help make your meetings more productive. Meetings should be:


A fun and exciting meeting eliminates defenses and allows people to learn.


If you are the only one talking you are the only one learning – Dr. Bobbi Morehead


People’s time should be invested wisely. Meetings should cover things that can’t simply be placed in an e-mail.


People can tell if you put the meeting together 5 minutes before the meeting started -or on your way to the meeting- people can also tell if you have taken the time to create an agenda and are prepared for the team members who will be in attendance.


Identify what needs to be followed up on. There is nothing that will kill the success of your meeting faster than a great meeting with no action taken in the days or weeks following – essentially you must identify “WHAT’S NEXT?”

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